Software consultancy or Software development?

Mithilasoft’s software consultancy division equip its customer with advices best suited to their requirement both functionally and budgetary. In software consulting we have taken up very few projects but achieved 100% success in client satisfaction.

When we take up a software project for consulting we assign a team of consultants having expertise in diverse field of software development like (Requirement analysts, Software design architect, UI Experts, programming experts, quality Assurance team (coding standard, bugs and improvement and usability)). We mainly focus on delivering high standard quality solution to clients.

Many small business house thinks that software consultancy is not their cup of tea as their business plan is too small or the budgetary constraint does not allow them to go for software consultancy. We are totally disagree with this idea and what we rather think is if you have a very small business plan or have some kind of budgetary constraint you must go for software consultancy. Our software consultants will guide you on what will be suitable for you free of cost. We are quite happy to announce that we have achieved 100% satisfaction of our clients to who we provide software consultancy. List below are the software consultancy project we have taken up.

Depending upon your requirement we can assist you in accomplishing following
Budget calculation
Timeframe calculation
Platform and language suitability
Framework suitability
Logo designing
Layout designing
Search engine optimization tips
Database suitability
Database and system backup services
Maintenance of complete system
Lifetime support

Software consultancy Or Software Development

Software Consultants have a comprehensive grasp of knowledge in a specialized area of software Development, and they provide that information and the benefits of their expertise, as needed, to their clients.

Mithilasoft has a team of software consultants having expertise in their specialized area i.e. system study, solution feasibility, technical feasibility, UI Specialists, and delivery experts.

Normally a pure business house does not understand it quite clearly that whether they require a software development firm or a software consultancy firm, sounds awkward? It’s a fact —If you know every ifs and buts of your business does not mean that you only require a software development company which can understand your point of view and develop software around this. More often than not actually business house ends up paying more time and money which they otherwise have saved by selecting the right choice between a consultancy and development.

We have both options with us.

Being a software consultancy and software development firm based in India we offer both consulting and development services to our clients.

Software Development: We suggest this service to consultants providing software consultancy to business and knows Software Development Life Cycle and its intricacies. We have teams using which they can get the project of their clients done timely, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Software Consultancy: We suggest this service to Business House which require some or total automation of their day to day work. We have the team of experts which provide you the best consultancy in terms of technology and costs you will have to spend less then what you have estimated. Moreover when we will get into development phase of the project, It will be developed in supervision of the same consultant. Wanted to know more or contact to a consultant?