Software (IT) consulting company india

Mithilasoft, provides IT / Software consultancy in best and optimal manner with latest and cutting edge technology.

What you can expect from our IT / Software consulting service

  • In Depth and accurate analysis
  • Best feasible solution
  • Suggestion of best technology according to your need and budget
  • Technology to help you in growing your business
  • 100% availability when you require it most.
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Who are among our consultants
We have a team of IT / Software consultants having in depth knowledge of their expertise area. Our methodology of IT / Software consultancy starts with informal discussion with prospect client. And keep continuing even after the formal maintenance period ends.
WhyIT / Software consultancy is required
IT / Software consultants are your representative. Mithilasoft will assign a IT / Software consultant according to your needs it might be for.

  1. Organisations IT /Software Automation Consultancy
  2. Department software automation consultancy
  3. Branch office automation consultancy
  4. Inter branch automation consultancy
  5. project wise consultancy
  6. Integration consultancy
  7. Software Maintainance and redesigning consultancy
  8. Initial software assessment consultancy
  9. Software Feasibility consultancy
  10. Consultancy for setting up the software in your setup and make it run in you environment.
  11. UI consultancy

The User interface consultants or UI Experts are very new idea in software development field

What is UI Experts?

UI Experts or user interface consultants are highly experienced professionals who understand which element of you software should be place at what place so that, you can operate it with minimal effort, looks awesome and provide all the information when and wherever is required.