IT Development service provider company india

Mithilasoft – a leading software (IT) development and maintenance company situated in Delhi India has come a long web in software (IT) development field. We have very specialized divisions for each technology we work. Our basics lies in philosophy of quality software (IT) development and delivery.

How our software (IT) Development Process is better

1)Our Marketing and Technical Team listen our client’s requirement very calmly and cautiously
2) We do our ground work very-very hard while having feasibility study and wire-frame creation.
3) Our team of UI experts add another dimension to the application to be developed
4) Already having built in  libraries for common tasks like database operations
5) We have blend of Experts(having more than 10 years of exp. in respective fields), moderates(3-6 years of experience in coding and application design understanding) and new enthusiastic professional (1-3 years of experience in hand on coding)
6) Our Quality Assurance Team ensures that the prroduct you get will be of world class, with almost nill errors and most importantly which can Instantly switch you to let’s go mood

We are developing software (IT) solution to assist our client run their business not to jiggle around the technology stuff.

We believe in the fact that to understand someone requirement you need to listen him or her very patiently and cautiously. When we listen someone they tend to speak more and in due course tell you the requirement which he otherwise never have told you. We try get ourselves in our customer’s shoes so that we can understand the challenges they face.

While creating the wire-frames and having feasibility study we try not to left any stone unturned and from this point on-wards we starts engaging our UI EXPERT so that they can suggest the placement of controls and link on appropriate places

UI EXPERTS: Our UI Experts are skilled and understand the industry specific requirement and placement of control. Our experts will visit your place if necessary to understand your culture of work and your staff members normal behavior so they will have a feel of used to solutions available on their desk. We understand when you need what.So we normally don’t only follow any set rule when it comes to UI Designing and wire-frame creation. We provide due consideration for UI Designing as this is the interface we have to talk to our solution users.

IT TECHNOLOGY EXPERTS: Our Technology experts are qualified and experience enough to tackle almost all kind of technology related problem.They are those people under which their is a team working, and they constantly and continuously supervising and guiding them so that the best out of them will come up. Our experts make sure that you get the best in terms of technology. Moreover these are the people, who will be in constant touch of client.
We have adopted a policy of Talk Directly to Experts not account manager or client managers, talk to those who are directly handling your project(s).

TECHNICIANS, EXPERT IN THEIR FIELDS: Team members  having experience of around 3-6 years in their respective technology are backbone of our whole structure as they have the blend of enthuasim and experience. They are the people who can visualize the dream of their  leaders and segregated the whole requirement into functional chunks which can latter be combined to work as single unit.

YOUNG ENTHUASTIC IT PROFESSIONALS: Team members having 1-3 years of experience in hard core coding in a particular programming language or in their respective field like testing, assembling hardware and software are key for fast and quality execution of project. These are the building blocks our organization and are key to our success as well. We pay very minute focus on budding them to become extra ordinary IT PROFESSIONALS.

We believe in fact that tired architecture of your organization minimizes the errors and bugs in a project.

QC TEAM: Quality control division of our organization make sure that no product come out of our production unit with any kind of bug/error whether that is a proper alignment or logical flaw or even spelling.