Flex Developers India

Flex Development is relatively new when compared to other technology like dot net, php and java, so the numbers of flex developers are also less. Finding a good and quality Flex development services provider with technically qualified flex Developers is still a bit tricky one.

How To judge a Flex Development Service Provider
Before selecting a flex Development service provider you need to look on the following points

  • The Development Model for flex they follow
  • The Efficiency of Developer They have
  • The Experience They have in developing Flex projects
  • The Control Libraries developed in flex they have
  • Experience in integration of flex with other technologies
  • Experience in working with different frameworks that suits your requirement

Why you select us

For any Software Development service provider Developers are most important resource.

We have a team of around 20 Dedicate, well qualified and efficient flex Developers to assist you in completing your flex related development.

We follow one of the best model i.e. MVC to complete all our projects. All of our developers are well versed in following MVC model.

Members of Our flex development department are efficient enough to handle any project ranging from small kiosk level project to large portal level project development.

We have plenty of Experience in developing projects in flex you can navigate to our portfolio section to have a look at some of the sample project we did.

We are among one of those flex services providers who are in the field since the flex 1.0 rolled out and now we are developing projects using flex4.0.

Good collection of flex control library gives us an edge over others as it speed up your development process significantly.

Please have a look at Our Portfolio which show our experience in integrating flex with server side technologies like dotnet and php.

Integration of  Flex with different framework

There are plenty of existing framework like Cairngorm, puremvc, phpamf, zendamf, weborb etc. to be integrated with flex we have experience in integration with almost all of the frameworks. Integrating flex with frameworks speeds up the development process and make the application robust as most of these frameworks are tried and tested.