Custom Development

Mithilasoft offers Custom Application Development Services where you need the best and cost-effective solution for your business requirement.

Mithilasoft understands the need to build applications that can cater to evolving business and technical requirements. Mithilasoft adopts proven application development practices including:

  • Use of frameworks and Agile methodologies to ensure consistency of deliverables
  • Software Usability Auditing or User Convenience Auditing
  • Software development life cycle to meet Quality of  service  requirements
  • Use of comprehensive testing and auditing tools


Mithilasoft offers a wide variety of services to address your requirements in the application development space:

  • Requirements Management – Mapped with Business Processes
  • Platform Evaluation and Architecture
  • Application Architecture and Design
  • Development and Deployment
  • Implementation Testing


Dedicated Technology wise Cell to drive technology innovation and best practices
Expedited deliveries through usage of frameworks, reusable components and global delivery model
Scalable and extensible architecture to protect proposed investments and maximise ROI

How to decide whether you should rely on already developed packages or go for the custom software development

Normally a package or already developed project contains very generic functions and features which will be useful to almost all users. But what to do when you require some very specific and custom function or feature? The complexity increases when the requirement is critical to your business. All of your competitors are also using that kind of generic software development packages and thus you don’t have any technological advancer over your competitor.

When you go for a custom developed project you will get the information you require in a format you need and faster enough to take a leap over your competitor.

It is also not true that to develop a custom software application you always need to start from scratch, now in a days there are ample free and generic solutions which exposes so many application programming interface (API) to communicate with the data within that generic solution. So, we can use those API to deliver you the Software made solely for you and your purposes