Flex Basics – ArrayCollection

Array Designed to store data of various types accessible via a numbered index, the Array class provides a useful mechanism for data storage and retrieval. To understand an ArrayCollection, one must first understand an Array. Array From Wikipedia, an Array “is a data structure consisting of a group of elements that are accessed via indexing”. […]

How to add context menu in flex

Here is the sample code to add context menu in you flex application I have a tree control on which I need to show a context menu for cut, copy and paste Here is the code for that    [Bindable]  private var cm:ContextMenu=new ContextMenu();    // This function initializes a new Context Menu  private function […]

How to add shortcut keys in flex-RIA custom context menu

To add a shortcut like ctrl+c for copy,ctrl+v for paste and kep it right alinged simply write the text you want to appear in your context menu hit “TAB” key and write the shortcut like ctrl+c thats it. Yes you need to handle this shortcut in your flex ria I kept it here as referrence for myself , […]